Guided meditations

On this page you can find selected audio recordings and texts (in Italian) of the guided meditations that are offered online on rotation on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings at 6.30 am.
This allows those who have not been able to connect live to listen to them at a more favorable time, and those who have already listened to them can listen to them again. Sometimes, before publishing these texts and recordings, we wait until we feel that we have the most appropriate form possible, experiencing the same meditation several times.
If you are interested, you can visit this page from time to time to see if there is anything new.


In touch with our body and our breath, simply here

In this meditation we get in touch gently with our body and our breath.

Calm, present and open

In this meditation, we focus on breath awareness, keeping it as constant as possible. This way, we can experience a state in which breath and body are calm and relaxed and the mind is collected and present.

Rooted as a tree and flexible as a bamboo

In this meditation, we can grow stability and flexibility, to feel supported in our daily life.

Loving kindness towards all human beings

In this meditation we nourish a sense of connection with ourselves and others, sending ourselves and others warmth, loving kindness and gentleness.

Connecting deeply with our ancestors

In this meditation, we get in touch with all the wholesome qualities of our spiritual, blood and land ancestors, to feel their support.

Connecting deeply with our inner child

In this meditation, we get in touch with our inner child with an open and loving heart to help his/her healing, as well as the inner child of our mother and our father.